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The first few days after birth are the most critical time for newborn babies. During this period, premature babies require special attention because every gram counts. The baby’s weight, length, and the related percentile curves must be obtained with great accuracy and precision. In addition, healthcare providers must be able to digitally document this data with minimal effort.

seca  757

EMR ready baby scale with optimized damping system

‎£ ‎£ 650.00*
Product Details
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Premium
Net weight1.1 sts
7.1 kg
Product width551 mm
Product height151 mm
Product depth320 mm
Graduation2 g < 5 kg > 5 g
Capacity15 kg
Our Recommendation

Paediatric requirements carry weight.

The weight of a premature baby is a critical factor when determining their survival rate. During the first days of life, the baby's weight decreases as the body must first become accustomed to taking in nourishment via the mouth. At this time, the energy expenditure is higher than the energy intake.

After a few days, more energy can be taken in than is expended which causes the baby to gain weight. This effect can be seen only with the precise weighings of the seca 757 digital baby scale with wireless transmission, a specially developed scale for neonatology. The two-gram graduation on the 757 is the smallest graduation in the seca baby scale portfolio.

Another advantage includes the adjustable damping function that delivers precise measurements within seconds even if the baby fidgets. Nurses can easily read the LCD display even in the dimmed light of the neonatology unit.

The seca 757 transmits data automatically to a seca wireless printer or via the software seca emr flash 101 to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.

seca 757

seca  analytics 115

Medical PC software for diagnostic assistance

‎£ from  ‎£ 400.00*
Product Details
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Premium
PeripheryDVD drive
MemoryMinimum 512 MB RAM
Screen1.024 x 768, High Color (16-bit), 32-bit (recommended)
Processor1.2 GHz or higher
PortsFor usage in combination with seca medical devices USB port 2.0 or serial interface (RS232)
Hard disk spaceminimum 1 GB
Supported operating systemWindows (R) 10
Windows (R) 7 (SP1)
Windows (R) 8
Windows (R) 8.1
Windows (R) Server 2008
Windows (R) Server 2012
Windows (R) Server 2012 R2
Windows (R) Vista (SP1, SP2)
Windows Server 2008 R2
Additional hardwareDVD drive
Our Recommendation

Simple and fast – all results captured in one step.

At the press of a key the seca analytics 115 PC software receives wireless transmission of weight and height data and stores the results in patient files.

Automatically generated percentile curves can be reviewed at any time and tracked to show their development. The data can also be configured and printed as specified by the user.

seca analytics 115