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Precise Services For Precise Results

Efficient calibration check

Secure savings of time, work, and costs.

Repair Service

Repair a Scale

Trust in a brand that is second to none. seca provides you with everything you need from a single source.

Simple and straightforward

Picks up and delivers your defective device

Product Training

Receive Up-To-Date Product Training

Learn from the best. Get a better understanding of how our products function.

Product Demonstration

Request a Product Demonstation

Trust in us: We repair your seca scale quickly and with value for money.

Outstanding service is our way.
This is how we earn customer confidence.

We are always happy to get good feedback on our expert service. We were especially pleased to win the Service Management Prize of the KVD, Europe’s largest service association

  • Reliable. Repair, servicing, calibration check, and re-verification.
  • Flexible. Award-winning all-in-one solutions individually tailored to your needs.
  • Structured. Your all-in-one solution from a quality service provider for your measuring systems and medical scales – transparent, time-saving, and inexpensive.