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The first signs of dementia can be increased forgetfulness, repetition of the same questions or even confusing the time or day. Especially in its early stages, the symptoms are subtle and often interpreted as normal signs of aging, by those affected and their loved ones. But dementia is on the rise, with approximately 48 million people affected worldwide. Dementia develops as we age and is characterized by a progressive loss of mental faculties. While less than two percent of people over the age of 60 are affected by it, the percentage rises to between 30% and almost 50% for people over the age of 90. Due to our increasing life expectancy, the number of people suffering from dementia has rapidly increased and could multiply in the future. Dementia develops as a result of complex, neurodegenerative processes that lead to the loss of function and death of nerve cells. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer's disease. Despite intensive research, the causes of Alzheimer's disease r
For many people, the Summer holidays are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of the year. But for others, thoughts of swimming in a pool, at the beach or the lake cause them discomfort and can even dull their anticipation. Unsurprisingly, there are countless ads offering miracle diets and last minute training programs to lose weight quickly. But to what extent can these promises be trusted? Ziel: negative Energiebilanz Eine Gewichtsabnahme basiert auf einem simplen Prinzip – einer negativen Energiebilanz. Sobal
Currently, large areas around the earth are being affected by an unexpected heat wave. While the temperatures and hours of daily sunshine have reached record levels in many places, having a cold drink is always a welcome refreshment, at least in the short term. Staying sufficiently hydrated not only quenches thirst, but is essential during a heatwave. Depending on an individual’s stage of life, the human body consists of 50% to 75% of water, which fulfills different functions. As the main component of cell fluid, water
Every four years, countries around the world fill their shops with items in their national colors, thousands of people stream into stadiums and millions gather in front of their televisions - hardly any other sports event ignites as much enthusiasm as the World Cup. But while the players enjoy the spotlight and compete for the Cup, other important participants remain in the background. Today, professional soccer players face enormous physical and mental strain at major tournaments. In addition, the game
Be it diabetes mellitus type 2, arterial hypertension or cardiovascular diseases – these so-called civilization diseases are on the rise all around the world. Despite a variety of possible causes, above all, it is our sedentary lifestyles that contribute to their development. Obesity, malnutrition, lack of exercise, as well as alcohol and nicotine consumption can make us sick in the long run. Although the causation is widely known, many people are unable to quit their vices, even if pathological changes