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For millions of people, their family doctor (general practitioner or GP) is their first point of contact for anything related to their health. As our society keeps aging, the number of outpatients keeps steadily rising and because of this, medical practitioners are an important cornerstone of medical care. But what does their daily routine look like? What are their patients’ most common complaints and ailments? The Musculoskeletal Systems The most common causes for a visit to the family doctor are injuries and issues concerning the supporting or locomotor system. Disorders of the muscular and skeletal systems include arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Most of these occur predominantly at an advanced age, and the most frequent complaints are in connection with joint or back pain of varying severity. Worldwide, musculoskeletal disorders are among the leading causes for chronic pain, leading to the inability to work and a reduction in the quality of life. This therefore certifies that early and appropriate treatment is absolutely essential. The Respiratory system Acute respiratory tract infections often affect us during the colder seasons. Last year, more than 35 million peo
A large number of people from many different departments work hand in hand during the stages of development and production at seca. They all strive to create a product which ultimately satisfies all requirements in terms of quality, safety and accuracy. During this process, seca’s quality assurance is of particular importance. The QA department ensures not only that all of seca’s products meet the market’s and customers’ needs, but also seca’s high standards. The development of a new product Every new pr
During the first few months of life, a child’s development progresses at a rapid pace, so much so that it feels like we could watch them as they grow. It is recommended to see a podiatrist for regular check-ups to make sure an infant develops properly. In this article, we will take a look at the stages a child goes through during its development between the 3rd month and their first year. 3rd to 4th month At this age, infants should be able to stretch and bend their extremities without much difficulty. They should also
With the change of season, not only does the outside temperature and length of day alter – our blood pressure is sensitive to the seasons as well and varies with the changing temperature. Often, it is higher in winter than in summer and usually we d
In a world of modern technologies, the boundaries between work and leisure are becoming increasingly blurred. Thus, almost 20% of 30 to 44 year olds no longer manage to escape from the daily routines of their professions during their vacation. At le
Recently, a surprising and unique discovery, with a highly ideological and historical value for seca has been made: in Poland, a fully functional seca Pelikan baby scale from the year 1938 has been found. If these scales could share their story, they would tell us of many exciting but also dramatic and tragic events. Not only did it survive the Second World War entirely intact, but it also shared a family’s fate and their postwar odyssey of many years. The finder and today’s owner of the scale, Mrs Stanska, followed its historic traces and learned how her family came into the scale’s possession: Before World War II, Stanska’s grandparents lived in Warsaw. During the Warsaw uprising in 1944, they lost all their property due to a bomb attack that destroyed their house. After the end of the war, her family had to start an entirely new life. As it turned out, her grandfather found work in the Polish town of Toruń (German: Thorn) and left Warsaw with his family. In Toruń, a house was assigned to her family in which a German family had previously resided during the war. Aside from some pi
When the weather is cold and uncomfortable, staying in for a movie night on the couch seems more appealing than jogging outside through the park. On top of that, temptation comes in the form of chocolate or chips, completing our cozy evening at home. But why do we have such an appetite for fatty or sweet foods? Why food makes us happy Our brain generally considers the intake of food as something
seca and the column scale The history of weighing is closely connected to the development of human civilization and the origin of scale mechanisms can be traced back to thousands of years ago. However, scales have only been in our homes and in the m
Many daily occasions almost automatically include alcohol: a glass of red wine for dinner, some sparkling wine for a celebration or simply enjoying a beer after a long day. Consuming alcohol is a socially acceptable, widespread phenomenon. But what effects do these habits have on our health? For a long time, red wine was said to have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. A moderate cons
It’s actually not the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, in which we gain the most weight, but the entire year between the first day of the New Year and the next Christmas season. If we follow a well-balanced diet all year long, and regularly participate in sports, then enjoying sweet treats during the Christmas season will not have any effect on our physique. That is, of course, if we indulge in moderation. With the help of the following tips you will be able to enjoy the festive season whilst preserving your figure. 1. Help yourself to small amounts Small calorie bombs are everywhere during the Christmas season. Without even noticing, we end up snacking on many more sugary treats than we actually intend. An easy trick for avoiding over-consumption of candy, chocolates and cookies, is to not keep them in visual range or at reaching distance. Better to consciously enjoy a treat once or twice a day. This helps to avoid the consumption of large amounts of calories, fats and suga
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