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All measurements saved right away in electronic medical records. seca integration solutions

For effective treatment, you need reliable medical data. It's important to prevent transmission errors and to classify data properly to ensure good examination results. The newly developed integration solution from seca does exactly that and offers the user a high degree of security. All wireless seca measuring systems and scales now digitally capture height and weight, vital signs, fat mass, muscle mass and body water and immediately transmit all parameters to an EMR system via WLAN.

With a barcode scanner connected to the device, you can check patient data right at the examination site. You work more effectively, shorten the distances you have to cover, give your patients security and save time, which you can then devote to your patients. In a nutshell: your workload is lightened and you can concentrate on your work. Processes carried out by your colleagues also are optimized as the centralized storage of data makes the measurements immediately available to everyone. The customized seca Integration solutions bring efficiency gains by streamlining processes, optimizing examination results and cutting costs over the long term.

Save time

With seca integration solutions, measurements are saved directly in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Manual notes of results are eliminated and the measurement process is simplified and accelerated. We save you time to catch your breath.

Prevent transcription errors

Erroneous measurement results put patients at risk. Sometimes the smallest variances are critical if, for example, medication dosages are incorrect because they are based on an overstated weight. When a seca integration solution is used, all measurements are automatically stored in the EMR system. Caregivers are then free to concentrate on the measuring process and potential errors with handwritten notes are prevented.

More effective cooperation

Very often patient data are required by different medical specialties. Such information can be vital, particularly in the case of surgery. When all relevant measurements are stored directly in the EMR system, they are immediately available to users everywhere. Consequently, preparations are optimized and accelerated, allowing decisions to be made more quickly.

Customized offers

Many critical diagnostic parameters and excellent product quality build the foundation for seca integration solutions. We accompany you throughout the entire integration process and develop a customized solution for you. After implementation, our outstanding service personnel ensure reliable operations.
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