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Filter Glossary

Warm-up time

Time between when power is applied to a device and the moment the device is capable of complying with the requirements after an internal check sequence.

Weighing platform

The scale surface that serves to accommodate the load to be measured.

Weighing range

Weight range between the minimum and maximum capacities of a scale.

Weighing result

The result of a weight measurement expressed in units of weight, taking into account specified tolerances of accuracy, gross value, net value and tare value.

Weights and Measures Act

Laws governing weights and measures. Such laws regulate the obligation to calibrate measuring instruments, pre-packages, volume measures, public scales, including publicly certified weighers, as well as the responsibilities of the authorities.

Weights and Measures authority

Authorities of individual countries and states responsible for implementing the Weights and Measures Act and Units Act, including official testing of individual measuring instruments (scales, weight pieces) and supervisory tasks (public scales).