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Filter Glossary

EC Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of the manufacturer that the European Directives applicable to the respective product are fulfilled (e.g. EMC Directive 2014/30/EC, Directive on Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments 2014/31/EC, Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC). In addition, the manufacturer also affixes the CE marking to the device. With reference to Directive 2014/31/EC, the EC Declaration of Conformity confirms that every scale that is put into service conforms to the type described in the EC type approval.

EC type approval

A certificate issued after testing by a Notified Body stating that the construction of the weighing instrument conforms to the stipulations of the European Directive on Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments 2014/31/EC.

EC type examination

Type examination applicable in the European Union for verification of conformity to European Directives that are relevant to that device. For non-automatic scales according to European Directive 2014/31/EC, the Notified Body issues an EC type approval.

Eccentric load

1. Deviation in the measurement value caused by eccentric loading, i.e. asymmetrical placement ofcentreof gravity of the load relative to the load receptor. The eccentric load magnifies with increasing load and distance from thecentreof the load receptor.
2. Specification: Magnitude of eccentricity deviation for the specified test load and prescribed position, usually expressed as a limit value in mass units.

Eccentric load test

A test protocol in which eccentric loading is performed to determine the extent to which the measurement value of the scale depends on the distribution of the load on the load receptor.

Electromagnetic compatibility

Ability of an electrical apparatus, device, or system to function satisfactorily (i.e., comply with the maximum permissible errors) within its electromagnetic environment without itself causing electromagnetic interference that would be unacceptable for all apparatuses, equipment, or systems in this environment.


Indication of a scale minus the (conventional) true value of the corresponding mass.

Extracellular water

Body water located outside the somatic cells.
(cf. seca patient printouts)