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seca mVSA – Spot-check Vital Signs Monitor

seca mVSA – Spot-check Vital Signs Monitor

Where simplicity meets accuracy

We realize that the working environment for medical staff is complex. This is precisely why we developed the seca mVSA, a spot-check monitor that simplifies and quickens the routine task of capturing patient vitals (blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, SpO2) in less than 60 seconds.

new seca mVSA 535
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Blood pressure measurement methodOscillometric, deflation or inflation measurement switchable between single measurement (seca EQ BP®) and configurable multiple measurements (BP 30)
Blood pressure measurement timeNormal: 15 - 20 sec / max. 90 sec (adults)
SpO₂ measurement methodPulse oximetry
Temperature measuring methodOral/axillary (direct or predictive)
Temperature measurement response timePredictive (oral) 3 - 10 sec.; Predictive (axillary/rectal) 8 - 14 sec.; Direct 60 - 120 sec

seca mVSA 535

EMR-validated Spot-check Vital Signs Monitor