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There are several reasons why our attempts at losing weight may fail. 44% of all those who are affected by obesity (those above a BMI of 30) attribute their failing to a lack of stamina, while 42% attribute it to frustration when a success does not show quickly enough, and 28% lack confidence that they’ll succeed in the first place. To help more obese people reach their goals, a better education and a deeper understanding of your own body is needed. Dr. Heike Niemeier, oecotrophologist and nutritionist, helps patients by measuring and analysing their body composition with the seca mBCA. This method clarifies where the excess weight comes from and what exactly needs to be done to reduce it. This increases the likelihood of staying committed and ultimately leads to a more successful weight loss. "Many overweight persons fail at losing weight because they lack knowledge. They frequently fail in the long run because they eat too little or the wrong things and then cannot cope with the hun
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When treating obesity professionally, using clinical standards, we need more accurate values than just an indication of weight. How useful is the body composition analysis for both therapy control and patient motivation, using the seca mBCA? Professor Dr. med. Yurdagül Zopf, nutritionist, knows the answer. "The fast and differentiated measurement with the mBCA permits systematic use in the hospital and personalized customization of treatment. We use the seca mBCA diagnostically to detect any changes in an obese patient
Anyone who understands the causes of obesity also understands that we cannot lose weight as fast as certain unrealistic dietary guidelines might promise. Knowing the reasons behind obesity increases a person’s willingness to stick to long-term exercise and dietary plans, while simultaneously improving their eating habits. The seca mBCA offers further support to lose weight by visualising the changes in fat and muscle mass in the body, among other things. This concrete visualisation helps almost every other obese person
It might sound counterproductive, but using the scales while trying to lose weight can be detrimental. 51% * of those affected by obesity feel demotivated if the scales do not display a lower number after they have suffered through their first weeks of restrictions, putting in effort and physical exertion. Together with their motivation, their the willingness to exercise and to alter their diet may disappear too, causing them to become one of 85% of * those whose weight loss attempts fail in the long ter
Many people are unaware of how unhealthy their regular groceries can be. Unbeknownst to them, they consume tons of sugar, salt and fat, which are hidden as cheap flavor enhancers in many industrially processed products. Although all ingredients must be declared on the package label, the list of ingredients and nutritional tables are often very small and confusing. It is also difficult for many consumers to interpret the given values ​​correctly. Due to this, there is a growing need for an easy and unders