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"The quantification of fat mass is crucial."

When treating obesity professionally, using clinical standards, we need more accurate values than just an indication of weight. How useful is the body composition analysis for both therapy control and patient motivation, using the seca mBCA? Professor Dr. med. Yurdagül Zopf, nutritionist, knows the answer.

"The fast and differentiated measurement with the mBCA permits systematic use in the hospital and personalized customization of treatment. We use the seca mBCA diagnostically to detect any changes in an obese patient's body composition at an early stage. The measurements also are used to monitor the progress of nutrition and exercise treatments. Problems with water levels can be quantified better and muscle mass can be assessed more accurately with an mBCA measurement. It is important to quantify the fat mass in obese patients in order to set a goal and increase the patient's motivation with measurements and visualization of body composition over the course of treatment. We also use the seca mBCA for patients with cancer or chronic illness, such as chronic inflammatory bowel disease, unexplained weight gain and short bowel syndrome." 

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