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"The change in body composition reveals customer success very early."

Anyone who understands the causes of obesity also understands that we cannot lose weight as fast as certain unrealistic dietary guidelines might promise. Knowing the reasons behind obesity increases a person’s willingness to stick to long-term exercise and dietary plans, while simultaneously improving their eating habits. The seca mBCA offers further support to lose weight by visualising the changes in fat and muscle mass in the body, among other things. This concrete visualisation helps almost every other obese person (37% *) to stay committed. For Stefanie Wirtz, specialist coordinator in the Adiposity Center Lüneburg, measurements with the seca mBCA are therefore part of successful adiposit therapy.

"All the persons who come to us in the self-help group or the hospital have a long history of weight loss attempts. The reasons for the repeated failures are varied. They include lack of knowledge about how the body functions, no support from friends and family, or too little persistence when they do not drop kilos as quickly as unhealthy and unrealistic promises about diets have led them to expect. Still another completely different problem comes into play. In many countries no regulated care of obese patients or financing of holistic treatment is provided. The problem starts with prevention and the fact that hardly anyone – whether fat or thin – is regularly weighed at the doctor's office! Patients may feel left alone with their problem and that too, along with their repeated failures and the stigmatization by society, greatly influences their motivation.

"Motivation and knowledge are decisive factors in keeping patients on the ball, particularly during difficult phases. That's why I put all who come to us on the seca mBCA to determine their body composition and help them to get to know their own bodies. For when patients know how they are composed of water, muscle and fat, they are more apt to understand how to succeed at weight loss. On top of that, success becomes visible in body composition measurements even before the patient can see the changes in the mirror or on the bathroom scale. That increases motivation and treatment compliance enormously! Furthermore, the weight loss graphs in clinical work provide valuable input for further treatment by the family doctor and evidence for health insurers that our treatment is effective and therefore deserving of reimbursement. This is an incredibly valuable argument for many patients in the battle for financial support."

*The data used are from an online survey conducted by YouGov Deutschland GmbH in which 2452 persons took part from 5 to 6 September 2018. The results were weighted and are representative of the UK population from the age of 18 years. Persons involved had a BMI = 30 and higher.

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