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Petra Pazin, M.Sc. Nutrition

Polyclinic Bagatin, Weight Management, Zagreb, Croatia

We have been using seca mBCA for over one year now and for us the BIA measurement method offers a quick scan with precision and reliable results. The seca mBCA is used in our clinic as a diagnostic tool prior to any kind of aesthetic treatment with which we monitor all patients results throughout therapy. We chose the seca mBCA because as an aesthetic clinic, it is important for us to monitor obese patients and their body composition in order to evaluate changes in body weight through differences between fat, muscles and fluid compartments with a main focus on fat mass reduction. The seca mBCA is very easy and practical to use, with it we get an individualized and specialized approach to every patient.


Dr. Michelle M. Starke

The Center of Gynecology & Restorative Medicine, Coral Gables, Florida, USA

The seca directprint is the ideal screening tool for assessing everyday patients. The educational printout is informative and in return, facilitates further analysis using our seca medical Body Composition Analyzer. This helps break the tradition of just using scale weight and allows me to conduct a deeper patient assessment, while tracking meaningful changes.  Not only has the system helped to differentiate my practice, but it has also aided in generating revenue


Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Horbach

Chief Surgeon of the Center of Expertise for General and Visceral Surgery
Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth, Fürth, Germany

In our specialty clinic we primarily use the seca mBCA for severely obese or malnourished patients. One important factor of the therapy program is motivating patients to come to terms with their diagnosis. This works excellently with the mBCA. The precise analysis of body composition as well as the clearly structured presentation and comparability of the measurement values help patients to recognize their physical condition and actively support the therapeutic target. The device is not complicated to use and the measurements are fast and very precise. It can therefore be integrated into the workflow very well. The high stability of the seca mBCA offers good safety for severely obese patients during the measurement process.


Dr. Wendy Rashidi

MD, FAAFP, FABHM, Holistic and BioIdentical Hormone Consultations, Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Treatment
Women's View Medical Group, Upland, Ca, USA

Since we’ve incorporated the seca directprint into our workflow, we have seen a higher percentage of patients become actively engaged in managing their weight. Using the measuring system in combination with our seca medical Body Composition Analyzer has assisted with increasing the overall number of BIA analysis’ that we perform each month. Not only does this support my practice with bringing in more revenue, but my patients are provided with a one-page report that assists with tracking their results throughout their weight loss journey.


Dr. med. Dietmar Schubert

General and sports medicine
Practice of Dr. Dietmar Schubert, Ehingen, Germany

Muscles as a motor for life functions through their energy production are the focus of overall assessments of how functional and thereby how healthy a person is. The BIA measurement method offers fast and reliable data on this. With the aid of the seca mBCA we can use non-invasive means to identify how muscles are behaving in their quantitative and qualitative target and actual range. Our patients value this fast and uncomplicated measurement method. It helps to provide motivation for weight regulation, weight loss and monitoring the effects of training. The seca mBCA measurement method is indispensable from our practice. Rather, it has become a focus of our diagnostics.